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I-CAN!  Understanding Protective Orders in Richmond, Virginia

Added Thursday, July 14, 2016 by Action Alliance

The I-CAN! Understanding Protective Orders in Richmond, Virginia Booklet describes what a protective order is, the types of protective orders, the process of obtaining a protective order in Richmond, Virginia, tips about going to court, what to do after you receive a protective order, and various resources.


Attached is (1) the English version of the booklet, (2) a large print English version of the booklet, and (3) a Spanish version of the booklet.

Immigrant Families & Public Benefits: Under a New Presidential Administration

Added Tuesday, May 02, 2017 by Virginia Poverty Law Center

Recent changes to immigration enforcement have resulted in social services agencies across Virginia reporting decreased numbers of immigrant families requesting access to services. Some immigrant families even seek to withdraw their U.S.-born children from crucial benefits for which they are eligible due to fear of immigration enforcement. This PDF document is from a webinar given on March 31, 2017, to discuss changes in the immigration enforcement landscape, its impact on immigrant communities, immigrants' eligibility for public benefits for themselves and their U.S.-born children and strategies to encourage immigrant families to continue to access public benefits for which they are eligible. The webinar was sponsored by the Virginia League of Social Services Executives, Legal Aid Justice Center, Virginia Poverty Law Center and the Virginia State Bar Access to Justice Committee.

Indigenous land acknowledgement - Why is it important?

Added Thursday, November 07, 2019 by Action Alliance

Native Governance Center co-hosted an Indigenous land acknowledgment event with the Lower Phalen Creek Project on Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2019 (October 14). The event featured many panelists: Dr. Kate Beane (Flandreau Santee Dakota and Muskogee Creek), Mary Lyons (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe), Rose Whipple (Isanti Dakota and Ho-Chunk), Rhiana Yazzie (Diné), and Cantemaza (Neil) McKay (Spirit Lake Dakota). From this event, they created this handy guide to understanding Indigenous land acknowledgment and why it is so important, based on panelists’ responses.

Click here for more on indigenous land acknowledgement.

Native Governance Center is a Native-led nonprofit working to inspire, celebrate, and support Native nation building. They assist Tribal Nations in strengthening their systems of governance and their capacities to exercise their sovereignty. For more information and resources, visit their website at

Intersectionality of Forced Marriage with Other Forms of Abuse in the United States

Added Monday, May 02, 2016 by Action Alliance

In the United States, forced marriage can impact individuals of any age, gender, socio-economic status, ethnic or religious background.  In a 2011 survey, service providers in the U.S. (primarily legal and social service agencies in the domestic violence and sexual assault field but also including law enforcement, school and university staff, counselors and other legal professionals) reported encountering as many as 3,000 known or suspected cases of forced marriage (Tahirih Justice Center, 2011).  The current article is a follow up looking at the intersectionality of other forms of abuse and forced marriage.

Journal: Revolution: Celebrating 30 years of progress

Added Thursday, February 23, 2012 by Action Alliance

A journal for professionals working with victims/survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Volume 5 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Virginia coalition, and includes the following topics: 30 Years of Making History; Reflections From Those Who Have Worked on the Front Lines; Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence Share Their Stories; A Brief History of Virginia's First Rape Crisis Center and Domestic Violence Program; Maps Depicting Expansion of Virginia's Domestic Violence Programs and Sexual Assault Crisis Centers; Brief Bios of the "30 Voices for 30 Years" Honorees.

Volume 5; January 2012.

Published by Virginia Sexual & Domestic VIolence Action Alliance.

68 pages