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Infographics: How Oppressive Systems Connect and How Justice Movements Connect

Gender-based violence (or the process of controlling, coercing, or otherwise exerting power over someone because of their gender) is both a tool and a driver of white supremacy. Ending gender-based violence requires us to see and dismantle the same forces that support the existence of white supremacy. At the same time, this work calls us to envision and work toward equity and liberation, while breaking out of silos.

The infographic, "How Oppressive Systems Connect" illustrates examples of how gender-based violence is driven by white supremacy, sexism, heterosexism, and capitalism. "How Justice Movements Connect" illustrates examples of how gender justice is supported by movements to build racial justice, economic justice, trans and queer liberation, and reproductive justice. 

These resources are helpful for your prevention work, new staff orientation, volunteer training, board training, and other environments where you are exploring the many ways in which work to end sexual and intimate partner violence intersects with work to build racial justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, and trans and queer liberation. 


  • Infographic: How Oppressive Systems Connect Download
  • Infographic: How Justice Movements Connect Download

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