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Added Tuesday, September 22, 2020 by Action Alliance

Toolkit for Interrupting Oppression - from the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence has a rich history of anti-oppression work, supporting and aligning with those who dismantle oppression and build safer communities. Amidst this ongoing work, questions arise as to how we can do more strategic interruptions, how we intervene with an awareness of power (ours and others), and how we can avoid harming or re-victimizing ourselves and others in the process of doing anti-oppresion work. This project seeks to explore these questions while adding nuance to and expanding on the anti-oppression work and interruption tools man of us already use.

This material was created by the OCADSV in the hopes of increasing confidence and capability to intervene when witnessing harm, providing some options, and sparking problem-solving creativity. To view the resource, click the file below.


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