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Power and Control Wheel: Abuse in Later Life

The Power and Control Wheel is a tool that helps explain the different ways an abusive partner can use power and control to manipulate a relationship. During 2005, NCALL staff asked facilitators of older abused women’s support groups to have participants review the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project’s Power and Control Wheel. Over 50 survivors from eight states responded. NCALL created this Abuse in Later Life Wheel from their input.

In addition to the tactics on the wheel, many offenders justify or minimize the abuse and deny that they are abusive. Perpetrators of abuse in later life may make comments like “she’s just too difficult to care for” or “he abused me as a child” to blame the victim, or try to minimize the abuse by stating the victim bruises easily or injuries are the incidental result of providing care.


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