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Added Wednesday, September 11, 2019 by Action Alliance

Building Thriving Communities Toolkit

A toolkit to help unlock the power of individuals and communities to create a world in which all of us thrive.

The Building Thriving Communities: Civic Engagement Toolkit seeks to transform Virginia communities by increasing public participation in voting for candidates who align with their values and other means of civic engagement that promotes healthy futures. 

Download the entire toolkit all at once to find all of these resources (below) designed to support you in increasing community engagement with voting, the formation of public policy, and becoming active participants in democracy. Or you may download the handouts and guides separately.

The core component of the campaign is to build authentic connections between people, across differences, and around issues that make communities healthy, safe, just, and compassionate for all. 

This is a long-term campaign that draws upon the strength of the movements to end domestic and sexual violence: each person having a voice that is valued and respected, sharing stories as a tool for building understanding and mobilizing action, and empowering individuals and groups to bring about change in their own lives, in communities, and in the world.

The toolkit provides educational resources on civic engagement and strategies to engage communities and candidates.

Toolkit features:

  • * guide for facilitating community conversations around civic engagement;
  • * questions for candidates to build trauma-informed communities and systems;
  • * legislative advocacy guide;
  • * voting basics handout;
  • * print-ready posters to encourage voting for a #radicallyhopefulfuture;
  • * print-ready handout about why voting matters.   


  • Building Thriving Communities Toolkit-for print Download
  • Building Thriving Communities Toolkit-digital version (live links) Download
  • Handout: Why Voting Matters Download
  • Handout: Questions for Candidates Download
  • Facilitator Guide for Community Conversations Download
  • Legislative Advocacy Guide Download
  • Poster: Night sky 11 x 17 Download
  • Poster: Night sky 8.5 x 11 Download
  • Poster: Face (portrait orientation) 11 x 17 Download
  • Poster: Face (portrait orientation) 8.5 x 11 Download
  • Poster: Face (landscape orientation) 11 x 17 Download
  • Poster: Face (landscape orientation) 8.5 x 11 Download
  • Poster: Stars 11 x 17 Download
  • Poster: Stars 8.5 x 11 Download