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Fostering Community Resilience: Virginia’s Guidelines for the Primary Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence

Added Thursday, June 30, 2022 by Action Alliance

The purpose of Fostering Community Resilience: Virginia’s Guidelines for the Primary Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence is to assist local communities in creating primary prevention strategies that focus on identifying and dismantling the root causes of sexual and domestic violence. The Guidelines have been built on the foundations of two core concepts: social justice principles and public health models.

Visit for more information about each guideline, in addition to resources and tools for prevention program development. To download the PDF of the guidelines, click this link.

Published by the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance, 2022. 34 pages.

From Hurt to Hope: A Child Sexual Abuse/Assault Advocacy Guide

Added Tuesday, March 20, 2018 by Action Alliance

From Hurt to Hope: A Child Sexual Abuse/Assault Advocacy Guide: A guide from WCSAP (Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs) that provides foundational knowledge of best practices for advocates working with youth and their caregivers. The guide includes an overview of Child sexual Abuse/assault, general advocacy, medical advocacy, legal advocacy, system's coordination, information and referral, and crisis intervention.

Geographic Location and Type of Family and Intimate Partner Homicide in Virginia 1999-2008

Added Monday, April 09, 2012 by Office of Attorney General

This report presents information about the geopgraphic distribution of family and intimate partner homicide types among Virginia's five Health Planning Regions.

Published: February 2012
Data Included: 1999-2008

This report is a product of Virginia Department of Health's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner's Family & Intimate Partner Homicide Surveillance Project.  For more information about this project, visit:

Healthy Sexuality for Sexual Violence Prevention: A Report on Promising Curriculum-Based Approaches

Added Thursday, October 13, 2011 by Action Alliance

A distillation of and report on the top curriculum-based healthy sexuality programs. Produced by Virginia’s Healthy Sexuality Workgroup, which is charged with finding links between primary sexual violence prevention and sexual health promotion, determining each field’s evidence base, and discussing how to best deliver the vital information offered by both fields to youth in Virginia.  This repor  th

Published by Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance. 2011

12 pages.

Honeycomb Reflection and Share Out

Added Tuesday, August 27, 2019 by Action Alliance

In July 2019 the Action Alliance organized and hosted a week-long retreat for young advocates, activists, and artists ages 17-23 called the Honeycomb Retreat. Our participants (fellows) went to workshops on systemic and interpersonal violence, consensual communities, zines for visionary futures, and using herbalism practices to heal from trauma. They also went to art sessions during which they worked with local artists-in-residence to create art in response to the things they were learning in their workshop and their own personal experiences. The week ended with a visioning session where fellows had the opportunity to talk about their skills they bring to our movement, the barriers that impact their full participation, the resources and support they need from adult allies, and what they are excited to do next!

This is an informational and reflective zine that describes some of our goals, frameworks, and outcomes—as well as a general overview of what happened at the retreat and who was there. Please do not hesitate to reach out and connect on these topics!